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"Money makes a great servant but a bad master" Francis Bacon ascribed those words in the 16th century. We've known it since learning about the seven deadly sins regardless the religious or philosophical conviction or practice. As long as we remain reasonable and realistic, real estate, not only serves as shelter and equity; it also harbors cherished memories, snicker, giggles and hard core belly laughter until it hurts. Just about all of us want a 20-30% discount below FMV when buying. When selling? Well? Let's try for 10-20% above FMV. Fair Market Value. ATX is a little more straight forward. Most all inventory sells with 3% above or below the asking price. As long as we approach it as creating a win-win solution. Everyone walks away happy. As it should be, eh?

For those seeking 2 bdrm or less TAA properties consistently offer the best value in the rental market. 3+ bdrm is when TXR becomes a strong contender. Purchase? New Construction (about 20 miles from the capital) is proving some of the best values for Buyers. 10 yr warranty, etc...

ATX's rental market has policies and procedures unlike any of the 9 other US cities I've resided. More so with TXR than TAA. With TAA The difference between market rent and effective rent can get confusing. I've seen this current cycle before. As of Fall 2020 , vacancies are increasing and deals are to be had. There are several 8-20% off FMV for anyone looking to take possession over the next 60 days. Renters use that to your advantage. It may behoove you to remain where you are and negotiate the rate down. Can't hurt to ask, eh?

The purpose of this blog is to celebrate Austin and all it's niche neighborhoods and nuances.