A Quick Guide for Leasing Commercial Space in Austin

If you have a business and you’re interested in leasing commercial property in Austin, then let Celebrate Austin Realty help.

Austin has an abundance of commercial space available, ranging from medical, retail, or a warehouse space, we’ll help you find the ideal location that matches your business and your budget.

Many Commercial Leasing Options Exist in Austin

There are roughly 20,000 commercial properties in the Austin area…so, there’s definitely to choose from. Of course, narrowing it down depends on what type of business you have. If you’re a small business, with a few employees, a basic office space might be all that you need. If you run a retail business and have a large inventory, then you’ll need something a bit larger in terms of commercial property.

While you may be eager to get into the first commercial space you see, take some time to see if it’s the right fit. Consider these options before diving head first into a lease that may not be satisfactory in the end:
• Will it accommodate all of your staff?
• Is it in a convenient location?
• Does it have all the amenities you need?

Other Things to Consider When Leasing Commercial Space

Location: Is the location ideal for your business? Does there seem to be enough traffic in the area to attract interest?

Accessibility: While you may have found the ideal space, is it accessible to your customers? Is there a parking lot, or will your customers have to park several blocks away to reach you?

Zoning: Make sure that the property you’re interested in is zoned for your type of business. Much of this depends on the type of space you need and what kind of business you have, especially in terms of how many employees you have. Having 100 employees to a space that accommodates 20 can be an issue…so select wisely.

Demographics: This can help greatly in determining if a commercial pace is in the best location, based on your customer’s demographics. Do they all live within reach of your business, or will they have to travel great distances to get to you. Something to consider.

Possible Competition: Make sure that there aren’t any similar businesses nearby. If you and a competitor are selling the same type of products or are in the same industry, it can cause issues.

This just scratches the surface, but as there is so much commercial space available for lease in Austin, it’s very likely that you’ll find what you need. However, it’s not something that you may want to tackle on your own.

Celebrate Austin Realty can work with you on all these questions. In addition, we’ll break down crucial information, such as city codes, permits, and any other additional items you may not be aware of before venturing into a commercial lease.